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Financial Services

Transaction Alerts

Payment Due Notifications

Payment Received Confirmations

IT Enabled Services

Password Reset Notifications

Server Downtime Notifications

Integration into ERP Systems


Integration with attendance systems

School closure notifications

Fee reminders

Stock Market

Trade Confirmations

End of Day Positions

Market News

Recruitment Companies

Job Openings

Interview Schedule Notifications

Interview Reminders

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Real Estate

Promotional Campaigns

Payment Reminders

Announce Property Launches

Airline / Travel

Booking Confirmations

Flight Cancellations

Flight Delays

Gym & Health Clubs

Class Schedules

Membership Renewal Offers

Health Tips

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Clubs & Societies

Event Updates

Meeting Invitations

Membership Renewal Alerts


Hotel Booking Confirmations

Tour Plan Confirmation

Reservation Details

Notification of Special Events


Promotional Offers

Service Reminders

Invitations for Test Drive

Customer Feedback Surveys

Support that speaks your language

Loyalty Program Integration


Festive Offers & Promotions

Shipment Confirmations

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